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IKO Bearing is famous for their high quality, extremely precise linear motion rolling guides.  IKO's linear motion rolling guides are indispensable for reducing linear motion friction in the positioning mechanisms of machinery.  


IKO was the first company in Japan to initiate technical developments on the Needle Roller Bearing. It is now a leading manufacturer with many remarkable achievements in this field. The Needle Roller Bearing, which encompasses a thin needle-shaped roller has transformed the conventional image of a bearing employing round balls. As compared with the ball bearing and other roller bearings, it is small in size and light, but yet has a great load capacity. Needle Roller Bearings help to make the overall equipment more compact, thus saving money and resources. They are used in a wide range of applications such as motorcycles, industrial machines and office automation equipment where they have proven to be extremely reliable.


As opposed to the standard rotational way of using bearings, the linear series has extended its area of application to level sliding devices. A completely new product to make the linear motion rolling guide units more precise. IKO has already developed many products related to the linear motion rolling guide units. Its high quality and superior performance are widely acclaimed. IKO has also gained a reputation as a leader in the manufacturing of linear motion rolling guide units. The IKO linear series has achieved significant growth in several advanced technological industries. One example would be in semiconductor manufacturing equipment where precise positioning is needed.


Bearing Number Bore Dia Outer DIa Width Size
IKO TA 3830 Z needle roller bearings 2 No 8483.20.40.40 Pillow Block
IKO SBB 44-2RS plain bearings Bearings M06288 12.394 N/A
IKO GTR 486230 needle roller bearings N/A 0 Single Row Ball Bear Ball Bearing
IKO PHS 16EC plain bearings 2 No 8483.20.40.40 Pillow Block
IKO PHS 6EC plain bearings Deep Groove | Standa 0 Inch | 0 Millimete N/A No
IKO TAMW 6550 needle roller bearings QM INDUSTRIES 0.0 15.89 0883450984232
IKO KT 222917 needle roller bearings 0883450418430 N/A 36 M06288
IKO SNM 24-40 plain bearings Ball Bearing Bearing Quadruplex-Tandem an Metric
IKO NA 4919 needle roller bearings 0.0 4012801335881 51.9 FAG BEARING
IKO POS 14EC plain bearings Deep Groove | Standa 0 Inch | 0 Millimete N/A No
IKO NAS 5018UUNR cylindrical roller bearings Single Row Ball Bear BEARINGS LIMITED BEARINGS LIMITED Ball
IKO NAS 5028ZZNR cylindrical roller bearings 0.0 4012801335881 51.9 FAG BEARING

IKO Bearing : A Complete Guide to Buying

What are the types of bearing PDF?

  • 1、correct bearing, then utilize the Bearing Specification Guide. Bearings in this catalog are arranged by bearing type, with a size and/or numerical listing.
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What are bearing codes?

  • 1、Koyo Interchange for EE series bearings ... Shield / Seal/ Snap Ring Codes. One Side ... No Code: B: X3. 3 Bearings. P6. 00: 10 mm. M: Medium Preload. 01:.
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  • 2、Thrust bearings are classified by the shape of the race. Flat race types carry light thrust loads without restraining shaft movement. Grooved race thrust bearings 
  • 3、to guide the rolling elements in the unloaded zone of the bearing. The transmission of forces is not one of the cage's functions. Cages are classified into pressed 
  • 4、Aug 6, 2016 — The mains bearings can be classified as follows. According to the Friction: on the basis of friction bearings are classified as. 1. Friction bearing: As 
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What is the function of bearing and types of bearing?

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  • 1、Allowable Bearing Space. The allowable space for a NSK rolling bearing and its adjacent parts is generally limited so the type and size of the NSK bearing must 
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